Healing is not Linear


If people tell you to,”Get over it.”, “Let it go” , or “To stop obsessing over it” ,or that “you’re healing too slow.”
Ignore them.
They obviously don’t know what mental illiness/injury is.
I know how frustating it can be when people think you’re using your mental health as an excuse for why you act the way you do.
Trauma. Emotional abuse. Gaslighting. And all that shit is REAL.
I know what it is like. And it can be difficult educating others about what it is and what you are going through.
People needs to SEE it to believe. Mental illness doesn’t work that way. I wish more people will take the time to do some research or even speak with a therapist that has sufficient knowledge in mental health. We are not asking them to understand. We need support in coping and healing from our mental illnesses.
I know how much energy it takes to battle with triggers and the work it takes to heal. It is exhausting. It requires a lot of self-care, somtetimes more than the average person needs.
Never neglect yourself. If you need rest, rest. If you need solitude time, do it. You are doing no one a favor if you aren’t taking care of yourself. It’s okay to say no. It’s okay to leave a party early or cancel a plan. Sometimes the person who needs you the most is YOU.
Healing takes time. There is no deadline. There is no pattern, it is not linear. You will heal in time.
I’m so grateful for the information we have on the internet on mental health. You are not alone.
It is okay to ask for help.
You are strong & beautiful!
Here’s a great article from one of my favorite websites about PTSD.

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